The 11th European Greenways Awards have been given on November 20 2023 during the official ceremony in Rome (Italy). The European Bridge and a cross-border Polish-German greenway have been awarded as reference of best practices in Europe

The European Greenways Award was created in 2003 and has been held every two years since. The objective is to promote examples of best practices and to support their replication for other greenways all over Europe. The European Greenways Award is granted only to greenways under the Lille Declaration, as well as to initiatives already in existence.

EGWA has been delighted to receive 32 candidacies from 13 countries, the highest number of candidacies received so far and we warmly thank all participants for responding to the call.

In this 2023 edition the international jury meet 12 July 2023, has awarded projects in three categories: “Excellence”, “Exemplary Initiatives” and one special award on “Green transition in Greenways”. This special award is part of the activities promoted by EGWA in the co-implementation of the Transition Pathway for Tourism, to recognise initiatives addressing green transition challenges in the greenways ecosystem, and to showcase how the green transition happens on the ground.

The European Bridge and a cross-border Polish-German greenway (Wriezen-Siekierki-Choszczno) won 3rd Prize. 

The award has been given for the cross-border rail-trail greenway, which includes as a key element the restoration of the historic railway bridge, over which a 660 m observation platform has been created, with an important environmental component, and which offers unique views of the river and its natural floodplains.

It is the result of cross-border cooperation, a symbol of reconciliation between the two countries, which stimulates local pedestrian and cyclist traffic, and has become an important tourist destination.

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