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    The Stone Museum is located in the 14th-century historic Tower and the Wolin Gate, which are the remains of the city's defensive walls. It is located in the Old Town, at the intersection of Basztowa and Słowackiego Streets. It is located not far from the Lagoon.

Located in the historic town walls, the museum has a number of interesting minerals and fossils, and even a meteorite. Other attractions include the exhibition on the history of Kamień Pomorski and a terrace with a great view of the area.

The museum was established in 2001. It is a private museum, which is a project of the Sokołowski family, who owns a similar museum in Szklarska Poręba. In the museum's exhibition we can see: numerous minerals (including the largest amethyst brush in Poland), amber (a three-kilogram specimen from the vicinity of Rarwin) and a six-kilogram meteorite with an original certificate. In addition, the museum has in its collection fossils of dinosaurs, including the skeletons of deinonychus and ornitholes as well as the bones of tyrannosaurus, allosaurus, Baryonyx, cellophysis and strutiomimus.

A great attraction is the petrified nest with 33 duck-billed dinosaur eggs. An illustration for this exhibition is a film showing the life of dinosaurs in the museum. The museum also houses historical exhibitions: one dedicated to the history of the city and the other presenting replicas of ancient weapons and armor. On the top floor of the tower there is a memorial room called "The Stone of Yesterday and Today". An additional attraction is the observation deck, from which you can see the panorama of the city and its surroundings, in particular the Kamień Lagoon, Chrząszczewska Island and the Royal Boulder. There is a gift shop in the museum.


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