• Address: Konopnickiej 7, Świnoujście


  • Location:

    2 hollies that are natural monuments grow in Świnoujście on 5 and 7 Konopnickiej Street. The premises belong to Energetyka Szczecińska [the Szczecin Power Industry]. 

The holly is a plant grown as a decorative one in Poland. It is a species of a bush, which often takes the form of a tree due to its size, as it can grow up to 25 m up. As its name suggests (in Polish ostrokrzew means a sharp bush), its prominent features are sharp leaves and twigs. The shrub likes dark and rather very humid places. The holly is very popular in culture as a meaningful symbol. 

On the premises of ​​Energetyka Szczecińska, 2 unique specimens of holly grow. Both bushes have 5.5 m in height, but differ as to the girth of trunks. One trunk has the girth of 62 cm, and the other - 42 cm. It may seem that the figures are not high, but you should take into consideration the fact that these dimensions are impressive for this species. 

Resolution of the City Council in Świnoujście declared them to be natural monuments in 2005. 


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