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    The church in Pomianowo is located in the centre of the village, on a small elevation, surrounded by a grassy clearing. Pomianowo is situated about 6 km east of Białogard, by a back road branching off northwards, near the Białogard-Zegrze-Koszalin road.

The church in Pomianowo is a Roman Catholic branch church belonging to the parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Białogórzyno. It comes from the 18th century (some sources claim that the church was already built in 1512). It is a half-timbered building without a tower. The church was rebuilt in 1889, and then renovated in 1934. The church has a tiled gable roof; windows are finished triangularly. The church is an aisleless building with no separated presbytery, finished straight. The interesting elements of the church’s furnishings include a baroque altar from the 17th/18th century with a retable, a relief of “The Last Supper” on the predella, an internal gallery for pipe organ from the mid-18th century, a statue of Christ from the late 18th century, a baptismal font made of Neolithic quern-stones, and a reed organ from about 1861. The church is surrounded by a wooden fence based on a low stone wall. There are steps leading to the church, which limits the accessibility of the building for the disabled.

Masses’ schedule: Sun: 11.45 am; working days: Thu: 4 pm (summer 5 pm).

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