• Address: Plac Katedralny, Kamień Pomorski


  • Location:

    The monument is located in Kamień Pomorski, at Katedralny Square.


The obelisk was founded by the inhabitants of Kamień Pomorski for the 300th anniversary of Ewald Jurgen von Kleist’s birthday – he was a scholar and inventor, who was the dean of the Kamień’s chapter in the years 1722-1747. On October 11th, 1745, in Kamień Pomorski, he made the world’s first experiment with an electric capacitor (known as Kleist’s bottle).

There is commemorative plaque placed on the obelisk informing about this epoch-making event. The obelisk is situated in front of a manor house known as Kuria Dziekana [the Dean’s Curia] or Von Kleist’s Manor – he lived here during his sojourn in the town.


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