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    Lake Bartoszewo is located in Bartoszewo, approx. 14 km northwest of the centre of Szczecin, approx. 10 km southwest of the centre of Police, in the Ueckermünder Heath. Two hiking trails lead to the lake and its surroundings: the Puszcza Wkrzańska [the Ueckermünder Heath] red hiking trail named after Stefan "Tata"['Dad'] Kaczmarek and the Police yellow hiking trail. Public transportation does not reach the village itself, but a public bus No. 113 stops on demand in Bartoszewo by the provincial road No. 115 between Pilchowo and Tanowo and approx. 1 km from the lake.

Lake Bartoszewo is a small, stagnant reservoir, an average depth of which is approx. 1.5 m, so it is quite shallow. Plots with buildings extend along one of the edges of the lake. It is not difficult to get to the lake, because there is a firm sandy road around it, which is to streamline pedestrian, cyclist, but also car locomotion. There are three small wooden jetties, and the shores are overgrown with reeds and rushes. It is a perfect place to relax in nature. You can most often meet there anglers and the tourists barbecuing and relaxing in the shade of the numerous trees on the shores of the lake.  You can fish for tench or crucian carp there; and also for pike, but in small quantities only. You will not find direct access to the lake everywhere, so it is best to use the footbridges located around it. The bottom of the lake is quite heavily silted. Swimming in the lake is not prohibited, but the beach is not guarded. There are a few restaurants nearby that are visited in great numbers at the weekend and during the summer season. After a good meal, you can go for a walk around the lake or relax alongshore.

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