• Address: Plac Tobrucki, 70-206 Szczecin

The fountain was built in 1898 and its architect was Ludwik Manzel, who collaborated with Otto Riet on the project. Initially, the structure was the basis for a huge statue of Sedina, holding a mast in its hand. The boat, on which the main sculpture stood, was surrounded by figures of Titan, Mercury (or Hermes), as well as two sea deities protecting it from the waves. The whole was a symbol of a prospering city. Unfortunately, the sculptural accent was dismantled in 1943 and probably melted down for the needs of the arms industry. In the place of Sedina, today there is an anchor set on a rock. The fountain is made of red sandstone, and its dimensions are 32.5 mx 18.5 m. It is worth looking at the aquarius mask on the back wall and the mouth of the sea creature on the front wall the terrace. The whole structure of the fountain is in the form of a basin lowered by faults. It is finished with two massive pillars topped with decorative spheres.

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