• Address: Plac Polonii, 75-001 Koszalin

The Avenue of Memorial Oaks was established on 15.05.2006. It is 25 trees - columnar oaks planted in the shape of the letter "L". Among the trees there is a boulder with a carved inscription: "Avenue of Memorial Oaks".

The avenue was created on the initiative of the Social Committee for Saving Old Koszalin. Each oak has its own patron, these are people important to the history of Koszalin, the list was created in cooperation between the Museum of Koszalin and the State Archives.

List of oak tree patrons:

1. Św. Jan Chrzciciel 

2. Biskup kamieński Hermann von Gleichen

3. Zakon Cysterek


5. Książę Pomorski Jan Fryderyk Gryfita

6. Książę Pomorski Kazimierz VII/IX/ Gryfita

7. Książę Pomorski Franciszek I Gryfita

8. Książę Pomorski Ulryk Gryfita

9. Rodzina Schwederów

10. Rodzina Loewe

11. Johann David Wendland

12. Johann Ernst Benno

13. Christian Wilhelm Haken

14. Rudolf Julius Emmanuel Clausius

15. Ernst August Braun 

16. Ludwig Karkutsch

17. Hans Grade

18. Rodzina Hendessów

19. Friedrich Schlutius

20. Rodzina Borchardtów

21. Bertha von Massow

22. Friedrich [ojciec] i Friedrich [syn] Onnasch

23. August Friedrich Bernhard von Gerlach - Parsow 

24. Dr Isaac Moser 

25. Friedrich Wilhelm Strahl

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