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Morzycko Lake, also called Moryńskie Lake, is the deepest Lake of the Zachodnie Lake District and ninth deepest lake in Poland. The maximum depth is 60 m and therefore a crypto depression occurs there. Its surface area is 342.7 ha, while the total length of the coastline is 12 km.

The lake consists of the main part of an oval shape and two extensive bays. In the central part of the lake there are sharp declines and pits – 30-40 m. The shores of the lake are mostly high, approx. 5-12 m above the water level. The lake is supplied by several small streams and the most important tributary is the Słubia River, which in its lower course cuts Cedynia Landscape Park, resembling a mountain stream. In the coastal zone there are mostly forests and wooded areas.

Morzycko Lake offers very good conditions to go sailing and kayaking. Various resorts offer rental of water equipment (kayaks, pedal boats, fishing boats). At the bottom of the lake there are remains of a Jak-9 Soviet fighter, which fell here at the end of the 2nd World War. It attracts diving enthusiasts, especially due to the fact that the water is clear and transparent. It is also a very good place for fishermen. They can catch pike, perch, tench, roach and eel. Moreover, in the summer season there are many events and parties organized by the lake, including the Day of Vendace and Bliźniacze Lakes “Morzycko – Werbelinsee”, as well as beach volleyball tournaments. 

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