• Address: Młynarska 1, 72-112 Stepnica
  • Page: www.stepnica.pl
  • Phone: 888 525 302, 513 131 384

The capacity of the marina is 200 vessels. Mooring is free of charge. The Mill Canal is 800 m long and some sections of it are up to 20 m wide.

This charming and quiet place is sheltered from the winds. It is a safe, friendly and green port, and most importantly, free of charge. The canal is almost eight hundred meters long, and twelve to twenty metres wide, and gets more narrow further inland. You should take care at the end of the canal where an electricity power line is located. Boats berth here broadside to the quay. The wharf itself offers water and electricity connections (on one side). Benches and lamp posts have been built on the banks of the canal, and a way stone pavement adds extra charm to the canal.


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