• Address: Rynek 1, 74-300 Myślibórz

The present town hall was built in the years 1771-1772 in place of a building that served the same function. It is probably the third building of a town hall that stands in this place. The first burnt down during the fire in the town in 1539. The town hall is a classicist, two-storey building made of brick and built on a rectangular plan. The entrance leads through a central avant-corps facing the square. It is decorated with rustication and crowned with a tympanum with a clearly visible hole in it. This is the place where a clock used to be located. Rectangular windows are ornamented with stucco motifs of baroque (panoply) and of rococo (rocaille). From the western side, above one of the windows, a coat of arms of Myślibórz is located. Formerly, the standards of weights and measures in Myślibórz, town’s banners, and documents concerning the history of the town were stored in the building. Currently, the building houses the Town and Commune Office and the Town Council. In front of the town hall there is a modernist fountain and boulders in honour of John Paul II and of the Pioneers of the Myślibórz Region.

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