• Address: Aleja Róż 1, 74-510 Trzcińsko


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    In order to get to the town located east from Chojna we need to drive road no. E65. Before the exit no. S3, we need to take province road no. 122. Before Banie turn left into province road no. 121. We go along this road up to Rów and then we turn right into national road no. 26. We have approx. 8 km to Trzcińsko Zdrój. The former spa house is located on 1 Róże Avenue. 

The former spa resort is situated on the eastern side of the old town plan, just outside the town fortifications. In the eastern part there are buildings, and in the western there is a landscape park attached to the spa house. The former spa house was established at the turn of the 19th and 20th century as a therapeutic-bathing facility, where peat deposits were used.

The spa park was established on a surface area of 1.4 ha. The main part situated just next to the former spa house has a preserved structure with a circular driveway, while the rest has a landscape nature. The park is situated on a relatively flat surface on the coastal line of a nearby lake. In 2000 the park paths were paved with Polbruk paving.

In the area of the former spa park there are among others the following species of trees: tilia platyphyllos, acer platanoides, robinia pseudoacacia, populus x canadensis, sorbus aucuparia, salix alba, alnus glutinosa, ulmus laevis, tilia, quercus robur, magnolia x soulangeana and fraxinus excelsior. The circumference of some trees is more than 400 cm (e.g. Salix alba); there are also several specimen with the circumference of the trunk of exceeding 300 cm (e.g. Quercus robur) and several with a circumference over 200 cm (e.g. Alnus glutinosa).

Currently in the former spa house there is a social welfare house and the presidents of the house take advantage of the spa park. The former spa park was entered on the province list of monuments in January 2003. 

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