• Address: Wojska Polskiego, 78-449 Borne Sulinowo


  • Location:

    The monument is situated at Wojska Polskiego Street in Borne Sulinowo on a civil-military cemetery. There is a small free car park in front of the cemetery.

A tomb with the monument is located on the civil-military cemetery in Borne Sulinowo. Pass it, leave Borne Sulinowo along Wojska Polskiego Street in the direction of the village of Krągi. The tombstone of Ivan Paddubny has an unusual shape. A monument depicting a hand holding a pepesha pointed at the sky was placed on it. It is an extraordinary place due to both its history and its present its looks. The Soviet military cemetery in Borne Sulinowo was founded in 1945. However, the soldiers who died during the war during the battle for the nearby Pomeranian Wall were not buried there. They lie a few kilometres away, in the forest near the village of Krągi. The cemetery, located outside the town in the woods on the way to Szczecinek, was created after the establishment of a Soviet military base in Sulinowo, and the dead citizens of the USSR were buried there until the liquidation of the base in 1992. There are 344 graves, whereas as many as 146 of which are of unknown people.

The monument, as the inhabitants of Borne Sulinowo claim, is the obelisk commemorating the 'heroic' deed of Plutonowy [Platoon Commander] Ivan Poddubny. Shortly after World War II, the Soviet soldier became famous for his participation in a bloody battle 'made' to the inhabitants of the nearby village of Krągi. A dozen people died in the gunfight, and Ivan wanted to stop injustice on his very own.

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