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    The Hobbits’ Village is located in Sierakowo Sławieńskie, south of the centre of the village and the church, by the road to Ratajki. Next to the settlement, there are 5 parking spaces for passenger cars and buses. Sierakowo Sławieńskie is part of Sianów Municipality, 16 km east from the town. From Sianowo, visitors need to go towards Ratajki and after passing it, to turn left towards Sierakowo Sławieńskie.

The Hobbits’ Village is one of the theme villages which were created as part of the project whose main aim was to invigorate the village and to integrate the local community around one theme. In Sierakowo Sławieńskie, the main theme revolved around Tolkien’s work. Characteristic, wooden buildings, such as Bilbo Baggins’ house or the Elves’ observation tower, were created in the settlement in accordance with the descriptions from Tolkien’s novels. In the remaining part of the settlement, there are numerous workshops and stalls.

The village has attractions both for individual guests and for organised groups, especially school groups. They can participate in outdoor games from the world of Tolkien’s books, and in craft workshops during which they learn the secrets of wool making, weaving and felting.

Special Christmas workshops and integration games around bonfire are also included in the offer.

The village can accommodate around 40 people.

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