• Address: Juliusza Słowackiego 1, 72-400 Kamień Pomorski


  • Location:

    Kamień Pomorski, ul. Słowackiego 1.

Both originating from the 14th century, the Piast Tower and the Wolin Gate are the best-preserved Medieval objects in Kamień Pomorski. Both are open to visitors. The tower houses the Museum of Stone and has a viewing terrace on top.

Wieża Piastowska is a Gothic-style tower coming from the 14th century, which – together with Brama Wolińska – belongs to the best preserved mediaeval buildings in Kamień Pomorski and to the town’s defensive system. At present, these buildings are a seat of the Rock Museum. Its rich collections include unusual minerals, fossils, and meteorites. An additional tourist attraction is a viewing deck from which tourists can see an extensive panorama of the town – with its old shape that stands out clearly. Also the vicinity of the town can be easily seen, including the broads of the Dziwna River, the Kamień Lagoon, the Chrząszczewska Isle, and Głaz Królewski [the Royal Stone].


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