• Address: Wolności, 73-200 Choszczno

The Polish Cycling Walk of Fame was opened in June 2002. The idea was initiated in 2000 by Zbigniew Strużyński and Jan Szymkiewicz, and the decision on its implementation was made by Jan Kiela, the then mayor of Choszczno. The monument was unveiled on the occasion of the XXVIII nationwide cycling touchstone for the memorial of ed. Zygmunt Weiss. There can be found palm prints of many famous and recognised cyclists, such as: Janusz Kierzkowski, Ryszard Szurkowski, Stanisław Szozda, Janusz Kowalski, Marian Więckowski Stanislaw Królak, Lech Piasecki, Czesław Lang and Zenon Jaskuła, and a symbolic broken plaque with a hand of late Joachim Halupczok. There is also a plaque above the monument, dedicated to the patron of the cycling memorial - ed. Zygmunt Weiss. (source: pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choszczno)

The Cycling Walk of Fame has a very interesting shape, because ... it is not a walk at all. It is built as a kind of a memorial wall. It is a high wall, where You can find a plaque and hand imprints. One of its sides is topped with a coat of arms of Choszczno. The remaining, nearly 30, empty places are still waiting for the hand imprints of outstanding cyclists.

The author of the monument was Mr. Dariusz Łącki of Choszczno, and the author of Zygmunt Weiss's representation is Mr. Zygmunt Sitko, a sculptor from Choszczno.

Walk of Fame was founded because cycling races have been taking place in Choszczno since the 1970s; and, as they became more and more popular, distinguished riders more often took part in them.


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