Embark on an unforgettable cycling adventure with West Pomerania! Take part in our contest, complete one of the tasks, and win a spot on the exclusive Explorer Tour bike trip ‘On the Iron Curtain Trail’ from German Wolgast to Polish Ustka!

The trip will take place from September 14-21, 2024. We will ride along the EuroVelo 13 route, visiting and exploring attractions in towns like Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg, Niechorze, Darłowo, and Ustka. The trip includes visits to museums, bowling, kayaking (weather permitting), and relaxation at a spa! We guarantee accommodations and delicious food.

The contest runs from July 10 to 26, 2024. It’s open to all adventure enthusiasts who are at least 18 years old. What do you need to do? Record a video or prepare and publish a blog post or social media entry! You can find all the details, the application form, and the contest rules at our website rowery.wzp.pl/en.

Мобільний додаток | «Pomorze Zachodnie»

App Мобільний додаток «Pomorze Zachodnie»

З нами Ви не заблукаєте на маршруті! У нашому додатку ви знайдете детальну карту маршрутів та екскурсій, цікаві місця та події, 360 панорам та багато-багато іншого!