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    The Klickstein boulder is an inanimate nature monument located in the district of Myslibórz, in the commune of Myślibórz, near the village of Rościn - about 6 km southwest of Myślibórz, the district and commune capital. The Klickstein boulder is about 1 km west of the village of Rościn. You can reach it by a dirt road leading to Chłopowo and through Chłopówko. The natural monument is located in a small grove on a hill near that road.
    Finding it should not pose a problem because the route from the village of Rościn is marked with information boards.

The Klickstein Boulder, also known as the Devil's boulder and Devil's Stone, is a huge boulder with a circumference of 12.5 m and a height of 2.15 m. It is surrounded by smaller stones forming a circle with a diameter of about 15 metres. This place used to be probably a graveyard. The boulder was declared a natural monument already before the Second World War. It was then surrounded by a stone wall with benches.
Currently, besides the monument, there is a large signboard in that place.

Originally, the boulder consisted of two parts, one which (the upper one) was movable. It made characteristic clicks with every movement, hence its German name - Klickstein.
Currently, the upper part of the boulder is located by the E3 expressway and marks the 15th meridian crossing this place.

There is a legend connected with the Devil's boulder about a bet between God and the Devil. To win, the latter had to build a tower higher than all the surrounding churches. To this end, the Devil brought up the building blocks from Scandinavia. He scattered the stones, and when he finally began to lay them, he committed by a design flaw that did not let him finish the tower on time. The defeat enraged the Devil so much that he demolished the tower, and its fragments scattered throughout the area. The last boulder left from the failed building was kicked by the Devil with all his strength, and the imprint of his hoof has been visible on the surface of the boulder to this day.

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