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    The Zielonka scenic hill is located on the Wolin Island, within the area of the Wolin National Park. It is one of the Lubin-Wapnica Hills. It is situated to the east of the town Lubin in the commune of Międzyzdroje, in the district of Kamień Pomorski The easiest way to reach it from Międzyzdroje is to drive along a road south towards Lubin. When in Lubin, one has to drive along Główna Street. On the left side, near the end of buildings, one needs to turn left into Dobra Street, where about 350 m further a parking lot is located. From the parking lot, one needs to go uphill through the forest. The way to the hilltop is marked with the blue Szlak nad Bałtykiem i Zalewem Szczecińskim trail.

The Zielonka Hill’s height amounts to 81 m above sea level. The hill was created as a result of moving back of a continental ice-sheet over 10,000 years ago. An incredible view spreads from the hilltop. It is the only place from which one can see the Baltic Sea, the regressive delta of the Świna River, the Szczecin Lagoon and the waters of Lake Wicko Wielkie. When visibility is good, it is possible to see a German town of Ahlbeck, located just next to Świnoujście. The uniqueness of the place was confirmed by the Naturefriends International Association awarded the panorama spreading from the hill the “Landscape of the Year 1993/94” title.

It should be mentioned that also the “land of 44 islands” on the Świna River can be seen from the Zielonka Hill. These islands are included in the so-called “European bird refuge”, constituting therefore one of the most important areas of the Wolin National Park. The beauty spot at the Zielonka Hill is fitted with an informational and educational panel describing the very interesting history of the formation of the islands.

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