• Address: Spółdzielcza 31, 72-010 Police
  • Page: www.skarb.police.pl
  • Phone: Marek Bandrowski Prezes +48 666 129 159 Jacek Stasiak Wiceprezes +48 509 842 074

Founded in 2010, the museum is located in two post-WW2 bunkers. The exhibition is divided into four sections: the history of the Police region, industrial technology, armaments and documents.

The "Treasure" historical museum is located in the area of the former German Hydrierwerke Pölitz synthetic gasoline factory, at ul. Cooperative. It is located near the provincial road No. 114, at the exit from Police towards Tanowo. You can get to the place by bus lines 102, 103 and 107, which stop at the "Police Tanowska Szkoła" stop, right next to Junior High School No. 1, located several dozen meters from the destination.

The "Treasure" museum is a relatively young institution, established in 2010. It is the result of work undertaken by the "Skarb" Association of Police Land, based on the collection, storage, conservation and access to cultural goods related primarily to the history of the Police Land.  The museum, as well as the seat of the Association itself, are located in two shelters, where you can come individually or with a group and see exhibitions devoted to the history of the city, the Hydrierwerke Pölitz factory, and the history of the camps located in Police, where prisoners worked hard at the production of synthetic petrol . The Police Museum is divided into four thematic sections, the first of which is the Regional History Department, which collects documents and items related to the history of the Police Land. The second section is the Department of Applied Technology, where you can see technological or electronic relics, including old telephones, electronic tools, computers and household items. The next section is the Weapons Department, which may be of particular interest to the male part of the visitors, because there are military items here, such as white, classic or armored weapons, as well as uniforms, helmets and protective masks. The last one is the Documents Department, which houses historical documentation and photographs, mostly from the period of World War II. A visit to the "Treasure" Museum is a perfect complement to the state of knowledge of the inhabitants of the counties and localities about the history of this area. The "Skarb" Association, the originator of the museum, also organizes the so-called "Meetings with history". These are mainly open lectures conducted by historians and enthusiasts of the history of the region and more. Schoolchildren will also find something for themselves here, and a visit to the museum with a guide is an obligatory element of history lessons for young Poles. Visiting the museum is free of charge and is an integral part of the 3-hour tour of the old synthetic gasoline factory organized by the Association, during which the guide shows visitors around the ruins of the complex. Going out with a guide takes place every Saturday and ends with a shared outdoor meal by the fire. The association provides the place and materials needed to light a bonfire, however, provisions should be organized on their own.


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