• Address: Rynek 3, 78-520 Złocieniec


  • Location:

    The town hall is located at 3 Stary Rynek Street. At Rynek there are parking spaces where you can leave your car.

The town hall in Złocieniec is located at the market square and was built between 1833 and 1863 on the site of earlier structures performing the same function. The building, which You can see today, was built due to the efforts of Charles Lentz, the then mayor of the town. The building was originally the seat of the town council, the court and the registrar.  The building was rebuilt before World War 1, the result of which was the coat of arms of Złocieniec visible today on the front wall of the town hall. It depicts a white castle with two towers and the falcon above them on a blue background. Army authorities and Secret Political Police Station had their seats in the building after the war, but it was a temporary situation and the hall again became the seat of municipal authorities - the function it still performs.

The town hall is a building built on a rectangular plan, and has two storeys divided by cornices. It is covered by a hipped roof with a few skylights. Some bossages are visible at the corners. The main entrance to the building is from the east, several-step stairs lead to it. There is a flat risalit in the middle, topped with a semi-circular projection with the coat of arms of the town in its centre. There is an outhouse with a semicircular roof in the north-eastern part. 

The building is now home to the Town Hall, so entering it by visitors is limited. 

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