• Address: Chrząszczewo

Also known as the Royal Boulder, it is a 3.5 m high chunk of gray and pink granite with nearly 20 m in diameter. It was brought to Western Pomerania from Sweden by the ancient continental glacier. In 1959, it was granted the status of a natural monument.

Kamień Królewski is in the waters of the Kamieński Lagoon, on the northern shore of the Chrząszczewska Island. From the center of Kamień Pomorski, we ride the bridge over the Dziwna River to the Chrząszczewska Island. We pass Chrząszczewo and Buniewice and we reach the shore with a view of a boulder sticking out of the water.

The Royal Boulder (also called Kamień Królewski) is an erratic boulder made of gray-pink granite, 3.5 m high and 20 m in circumference. In the past, the boulder was three times larger, but in the 19th century it was largely split to obtain material to build. It came to Poland from eastern Sweden thanks to the ice sheet several thousand years ago. Since 1959, the boulder has been protected as an inanimate nature monument. Various legends are associated with this stone - both about the creation of the boulder and its history. According to one of them, when a huge toad caused fear among the local inhabitants, the god Trzygłów, at the request of the people, struck it with a lightning and turned it into stone. The second legend talks about a devil expelled from a nearby castle, who promised the giant a wife if he destroyed the castle. The suspicious giant, however, wanted to see his partner first. The devil tried to deceive the giant and impersonated a woman himself. When the rooster crowed, the spell was broken. The devil's trick failed, and the nervous giant crushed him with a huge stone that imprisons him to this day. Another legend has it that Bolesław Krzywousty, after the conquest of Pomerania in 1121, accepted the parade of the fleet while standing on that boulder. Hence its name: Royal. The name of the nearby town is said to come from the stone: Kamień Pomorski.


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