The building, serving as a center for contemporary arts since 2013, was built in the early 20th century as the transformer station for the Szczecin tram network.

The modernist building of Trafostacja Sztuki was erected in 1911. Until 1945, the building served as a transformer room for Szczecin trams. The initiator of the construction of today's Trafostacja Sztuki building was Ernst Kuhlo - who is referred to by many as the Szczecin Edison. Kuhlo, a pioneer in electrification of Szczecin, in the nineteenth century purchased a plot of land at today's St. Ducha Street and built the building there. Its designer was Georg Vallentin, who planned a single-body hall. The building served its function until 1945.

After the end of World War II, the building was taken over by the Szczecin Electrotechnical Cooperative of Inwalidów Selsin, which was involved in the production of various items - from lamps to toys. The Selsin workplace operated in the building at St. Ducha Street 4 by the 1970s. For the next 20 years, the building remained empty until the 1990s, when it was taken over by a private investor. Despite the plans, the new owner did not modernize and develop the space of the former transformer plant - in the end, the building was taken over by the commune.

Since 2013, the former transformer room houses the "Trafostacja Sztuki - TRAFO" contemporary art center. The facility has been modernized in accordance with the plans of the Studio A4 architectural office from Szczecin. The brick façade of the building has been renovated, and work has also been carried out inside.

Inside, there is a central exhibition space that is open and uses the entire height of the building. Apart from exhibitions, the main hall also hosts concerts and performances. Around the main hall there are viewing galleries that allow you to observe events in space from different levels. Other exhibition halls are located in the basement, which is separated from the first level by a partially glazed floor. The interior of the building is dominated by bright colors - mainly white. In addition, in "TRAFO" there are: rooms for artists, a conference room for approx. 25 people with social facilities, a coffee bar in the entrance hall, a reception desk, a cloakroom, a reading room and a bookstore.

Ticket prices for one exhibition range from PLN 5 / person. for a family ticket (up to 7 people) or a group ticket (over 10 people), up to PLN 10 for a normal ticket. The facility is accessible for disabled people - there is a lift for wheelchair users in the building.

The building of Trafostacja Sztuki was entered on the provincial list of monuments in April 1984.


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