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    The Jerusalem chapel is located in the south-western part of Myślibórz, at the junction of Józefa Piłsudskiego and Królewiecka Streets, by national road no 23.

The chapel was built in the 16th century, but legends associates its construction with the march of King Bolesław Wrymouth’s troops to Pomerania and a Christianization mission in the years 1121-1122. Another version of a legend connects the chapel with the Crusades. The chapel was supposed to be a rest stop during excursions to the Holy Land. Most likely, however, it was a part of the Stations of the Cross, to be more precise – its last station. According to sources, the length from the Jerusalem chapel to the Holy Spirit chapel equals the length from the place of sentencing Christ by Pilate to the place where Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the cross. On March 1st, 1514, the chapel was consecrated by Marcin, Bishop of Kamień Pomorski. Very quickly, it became a destination of pilgrimages.

The Jerusalem chapel is a plastered building made of brick and decorated with blind windows. In the 19th century, wrought iron bars were added to the lanceted portal of the chapel. Interestingly, in order to enter the chapel, visitors have to descend little stairs. This difference of heights between the entrance and the contemporary street level is connected with paving the streets adjacent to the chapel. Inside the chapel, there is a replica of a Gothic statue of Christ. The original can be seen in the Museum of the Myślibórz Lakeland.

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