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    The Promenade in Nowe Warpno goes along the western and southern shore of Nowowarpieńska Peninsula at Nowowarpieńskie Lake, approx. 43 km north-west from the centre of Szczecin. There is a red cycling trail “Wkrzańska Primeval Forest Trail) and a green cycling trail “International Cycling Trail around Szczecin Lagoon R-66”. The private carrier Ever-Trans ensure the connection between Nowe Warpno and Police.

The nearly 1-km long promenade runs along the shore of Nowowarpieński Peninsula. It has lighting and is under video surveillance. There are information boards installed along the way. The promenade is accessible to persons with disabilities.

The promenade in Nowe Warpno was built over several years. The first stage of the construction works was completed in 2013 – at that time 330 m of the promenade together with the lookout tower situated at the end of the promontory, at Nowowarpieńska Bay, were put into use. Two other building were also created at that time and currently they are restaurants, as well as shops with souvenirs and fishing accessories and a florist. There are places prepared to play chess and board games, and there is also a rotating sculpture of a bream. At the main entrance to the promenade from Kościuszki Street, there is free parking for passenger cars, and on the same side there is a beach on the shore of Nowowarpieńskie Lake. A further part of the promenade stretches towards the east and it is located in the southern part of the promontory. The second stage of works was completed at the beginning of 2015 and it is a 500-metre long segment, along which educational boards presenting famous sailors are placed.  The entire place is illuminated, monitored and equipped with rubbish bins and benches. It caters to the needs of the disabled. Nearby there are other tourist attractions of Nowe Warpno, including among others the old town with the historic town hall, timbered buildings and renovated tenement houses, a church under the invocation of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the sailors’ avenue and the sailors’ village.


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