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    the Water Ski and Wakeboard Lift is on Lake Trzesiecko in the town park at 22 Mickiewicza Street in Szczecinek.


It is one of the longest ski lifts in Europe, situated on Lake Trzesiecko. Situated in the town centre and surrounded by historic urban park rich in greenery, it attracts water skiers and wakeboarders not only for sports activities, but also for the unique atmosphere of the place. One lap along a more than a kilometre long route of the shape of a pentagon with the longest side of 300 meters is fun even at 60 km/h. Up to 12 people are allowed to move simultaneously along the whole route. It is the structure which can be used by both water skiers and wakeboarders. The modernised WakePark has been professionally prepared for the people who are just starting their adventure with the board as well as for those who want to improve their skills on sliders and rotations in the air after jumping up from kickers. Whole families are invited to use the lift together. The water ski lift complex in Szczecinek is constantly growing, putting emphasis on quality, attractive tourist solutions, modern equipment, functionality and excellent organisation of entertainment competitions such as, among others, European Water Ski Championships or Polish Wakeboard Competition.

There are numerous facilities available on site e.g. the over-a-kilometre-long ski lift which is one of the longest of its kind in Europe, the elements of the WakePark by Rixen Company, namely the long tube, a-frame, slider and two kickers; stands for 300 people, the fully equipped shop to rent skis, wakeboards, wakeskates, kneeboards, wet suits, helmets etc.; the guarded beach with a complex of recreational platforms, the sports pool, changing rooms and lockers; the shower on the beach, the beach volleyball pitch, the water equipment rental (sailing boats, water bikes, kayaks), the town bike rental,  the bar with a special climate, cold drinks and warm snacks; free car park and Hot Spot, a possibility to have practice your skills with an instructor, credit cards are accepted.                        


The length of the lift: 1,100 m 
The maximum number of people using the lift at the same time: 12 people 
Adjustable speed: 22-60 km / h 
The shape of the route - pentagon, the longest side in a straight line: 320 m 
The engine power: 50 kW 
The year of manufacturing 2008
The manufacturer: Rixsen Seilbahnen 85221 Dachau Germany


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