The “Morzycówka” Natural Science, Forest, and Ecological Education Centre of the Wałcz forest inspectorate of the Regional Office of the State Forests in Piła was established in 2004. The name comes from Morzyce – formerly a suburban village, now a district of Wałcz, located about 2 km from the town centre.

An interesting, easily accessible location of the Centre among oak and beech forests, near Lake Raduńskie, makes it a destination of many excursions both of the inhabitants of Wałcz and the district of Wałcz as well as of tourists. A stylish, spacious, wooden exhibition pavilion, an arboretum, and a carefully prepared forest educational path are great attractions for everyone who wants to get familiarized with the beauty of the nature of the Wałcz Lakeland. This is also a very important element of educational activities. Nearby, there is a playground for children and a vast area ready for organizing outdoor events. The pavilion of the Centre houses a didactic hall with 40 seats, kitchen back-up facilities, and toilettes. The hall is well equipped with teaching materials; the Centre is perfectly prepared for its didactic mission.

The Centre has prepared the offer for the recipients of all ages and on each level of environmental awareness. The teaching offer is directed to children and youth from kindergartens and schools of all levels in the district of Wałcz, to adults and tourists staying in the district or the town of Wałcz, as well as to specialist in the fields of forestry, biology, environmental protection, and ecology. In the hall of the exhibition pavilion, by a fireplace, lessons and conversations about various aspects and problems of functioning of forest ecosystems, and about the work of foresters are organized. Also, there are games, contests, and displays of multimedia presentations and nature movies. Specialist conferences are also organized in the pavilion.

Classes in the “Morzycówka” Centre are organized both in the didactic hall and within the area of the arboretum and the forest educational path. Topics and the way in which classes are conducted depend mostly on the season, and on the submitted needs. These classes are organized by Magdalena Marchwiak, a worker of the forest inspectorate, which is the carer of the Centre. The Centre is also made available to teachers who can hold classes on their own, using the substantive knowledge of the Centre’s carer. Elementary School No 1 is in constant cooperation with the forest inspectorate – the teachers of early years education implement their original syllabi created in cooperation with the Centre and hold monthly classes in the Centre. Children take care of the arboretum and the educational path. The classes are also organized on the 3-km-long educational path, along which there are 13 stops with informational panels. During a walk through a beech-oak forest, teacher discusses the species of trees and bushes, explains the structure of a forest, describes animals inhabiting the nearby forests and their behaviour, and also presents monumental oaks. In the middle of the path, on Lake Raduń Mały (also known as Herta), there is a bonfire place, where the gathered knowledge can be gotten right and consolidated. The arboretum in the “Mokrzycówka” Centre was established in 2005; more than 100 plant species and varieties was planted then. There are tree stands, hygrophilous trees and bushes, collections of junipers, climbing plants, alpine gardens, photophilic perennial plants, plants enduring twilight, ground cover plants, rhododendrons and azaleas, flowery meadows, marsh vegetation, and water plants. A charming park was established, where one can take a rest and, at the same time, learn some botany. 

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