• Address: Księcia Bogusława X, 70-441 Szczecin

The Bogusław promenade is one of the most visited places by the Szczecin dwellers, and also one of the main landmarks of the city, where cultural or  outdoor events take place. Initially, it was planned that it would be a part of the so-called 'the heart of Szczecin'. The idea of establishing pedestrian routes in the city centre of Szczecin has never been realised. It was established in 2000 as the first pedestrian zone in the city centre. On a 200-metre-long part of Bogusława the Tenth Street, beautiful pre-war terraced houses were renovated, thereby giving the place a unique character. Numerous dining options - restaurants, pubs and nightclubs were opened along the promenade. Teatr Mały [The Small Theatre], a branch of Teatr Współczesny [the Contemporary Theatre], is also located there. Concerts and outdoor events are held on the promenade in the summer. Besides pedestrians, You can also encounter street performers there.

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