• Address: 78-400 Szczecinek

Mysia Wyspa is a perfect destination for a successful trip out of town. The peninsula of Lake Trzesiecko can be reached in many ways, using interesting forms of activity, such as the coastal fleet of Szczecinek: the Księżna Jadwiga excursion boat or the Bayern water tram, a historic water taxi with Captain Bubble, canoes or pedal boats. Cyclists can reach Mysia Wyspa by bike from the Municipal Bicycle Rental Service, choosing a hiking and biking trail around the lake. All visitors can expect the following attractions: a bonfire where one can roast sausages, an attended beach with sand just from the sea coast, a tasty fried fish and smoked vendace, a beach volleyball playing field, a mini-playground for children, a free-of-charge car park, and a hot-spot. Mysia Wyspa is a quiet and peaceful place off town, which enjoys extreme popularity, not only during summer scorchers.

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