• Address: Źródlana, 70-022 Nowe Warpno

The Sailors’ Avenue is a paved promenade flanked by brass plaques commemorating famous Polish sailors.

Sailors’ Boulevard in Nowe Warpno goes along Źródlana Street between the tenement houses in the old town towards the coast of Nowe Warpno Bay. It is a paved promenade which can be entered from the Old Town through a gate in the form of an arch topped with a bas-relief yacht. You can also get there from the yacht port through a similar gate. Along the boulevard there are bronze memorials of famous Polish sailors. There are boards of among others: Captain Andrzej Mendygrał, Captain Krzysztof Baranowski, Captain Antoni Brancewicz, Captain Cezary Wolski, Captain Henryk Jaskułą, Captain Wojciech Jacobson and Captain Bolesław Kowalski. Bronze boards are installed in the paved boulevard. However, on the façade of the wall, opposite the boulevard, there are biographies of the sailors. 


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