In the middle from the old Town from the seaside resort Ueckermünde in the castle the Pomeranian duchess, there is the Haffmuseum.

The museum’s entrance with its late gothic cladding design is already very interesting for fans of architecture. The visit already starts in front of the entrance. You will find exhibits of prehistoric times, early history and the town’s history. In the past, casting, brickyards and the fishing were the main branches of the economy in Uckermünde. There are also some special exhibitions depending on the season, which are especially aimed at families. During the Easter or a Christmas exhibitions, children can learn about history through playful quizzes. Also the crafting stations and play offers are very popular with younger visitors.

The topic, “family trip to the museum” with special exhibitions plays an important role. Additional information can be found at the multimedia station (fitted for every age).

The museums shop has a lot of offers for children. The museum’s family friendly prices are one of many factors why it is such a beloved attraction for visitors.

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