• Address: 78-500 Gudowo

The recreational area in Gudowo is a modern, practical and attractive place of rest and recreation. The area lies on the verge of the village at Lubie Lake and it comprises a few facilities. The central point of the area is the beach and a swimming area. There is an L-shaped dock, a wooden picnic shelter, toilets and benches. The swimming area was divided into sections for swimmers and non-swimmers. In the summertime, there are Volunteer Water Rescue Service (WOPR) lifeguards on duty. Every year before the season starts the bottom is cleaned by a diver. During the season the quality of the water is monitored on a regular basis. On the beach there is a slipway for boats. The beach is open to everyone and it can be used free of charge. In addition, the recreational area comprises sports facilities located in the vicinity of the beach. They include a full size grass football pitch and a beach volleyball court. Next to the courts there are benches for spectators. There is also a ‘green gym’, i.e. exercise equipment in the open air, in the area. Trees and shrubs adorn the area. The recreational area in Gudowo is a site of sports and open-air events (e.g. harvest festivals, picnics, tournaments). 


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