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The Veste Landskron was built from 1576-1579 by Ullrich II of Schwerin the son of Ullrich the I. (builder of 'Spantekow'). The grand building out of bricks and proportionally small erratic blocks had three floors above the basement. Its walls were 80 cm thick. The castle is 25 m long and 15 m wide.

The Veste was surrounded by a low circular wall and a precipitous rampart with a ditch. At the west side the fixture was strengthened by 5 small bastions with nowadays ruinous stony battlements. East of the main building – surrounded by a high wall - the castle courtyard was located. At the south side stood the palace chapel, at the east side a farm building. In the north remains of the gatehouse with adjacent guardhouse and the horse stables with a fountain are still present today. The castle grounds were damaged in the Thirty Years' War. Already 100 years after the establishment Landskron became a ruin. Especially precious is the protected tree population of the ruin. Certainly the oaks on the rampart at the castle square are as old as the ruin with a trunk circumference of up to 4.5 m.

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