• Address: 72-510 Wolin
  • Phone: Obsługa mostu: 91 326 17 58


  • Location:

    The rotating bridge is located in the eastern part of Wolin, over the Dziwna Strait.

Built in 1958, the swing bridge is one of the five bridges of this type in Poland. It is 135 meters long and connects Wolin Island with Wolińska Kępa.

The swing bridge was built in 1958. It is one of five of its type in Poland. Its total length is 135 m, width 9.80 m, the permissible weight of a moving vehicle is 30 t. It connects two islands: Wolin and Wolińska Kępa. It rotates thanks to electric motors located in the middle pillar. When the bridge is opened, traffic is closed.


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