Founded in 2006 and located in an old tram depot, it is one of the largest museums of transport in Poland, showing an exhibition on the history of the Szczecin municipal transport system and automobile industry.

The Museum of Technology and Transport is located in the former tram depot at ul. Niemierzyńska, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century, exactly in 1907. The construction was dictated by the lack of space for the increasing number of wagons. Plots with allotment gardens and a district cemetery were designated for the investment.

The building was designed by two Berlin architects - Steinmetz and Griesbach. The gable roof with a glass front, in which a clock was placed, looks interesting. Before the outbreak of World War II, the depot was modernized twice - in 1912 and at the turn of 1929 and 1930.

The Niemierzyn depot was the first depot in Szczecin, which started working after the Second World War, it was opened in 1945. The facility is a front-end depot, there are 16 tracks inside. From 1945, Niemierzyn served only tram line No. 3, at the end of its operation also lines No. 4, 11 and 12. The last in history departure from this depot took place on October 1, 2004 - it was tram No. 11.

In 2009, the modernization of the Niemierzyn depot began, and its interiors were allocated to the Museum of Technology and Transport. A year later, the museum started operating. Today, inside the former depot, we can find historic trams, buses, cars and motorbikes. The permanent exhibitions include, among others: the exhibitions "Szczecin automotive in the years 1919-1944", "Polish automotive - vehicles of the Polish People's Republic", "Single-track vehicles from the People's Republic of Poland", "Polish prototypes" and "Vehicles of uniformed services".

The ticket prices are: PLN 10 normal ticket, PLN 5 reduced ticket, PLN 24 family ticket (1 or 2 adults and children, maximum 5 people), group ticket 5 (for a minimum of 10 people). On Tuesdays, admission is free (except for "Eureka Traffic").

The Niemierzyn depot was entered on the provincial list of monuments in November 2005.

The museum has an elevator for people with reduced mobility, which allows people in wheelchairs to go down to the exhibition located in the basement and to the cafe on the first floor. In addition, visitors to the museum can buy souvenirs at the institution's box office in addition to tickets.


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