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    The museum is located in the centre of Jarosławiec at a distance of approx. 200 m north of the lighthouse.

The Museum of Amber in Jarosławiec belongs to a private owner, who decided to share his collection with the public in 2011. It was opened in 2014. The museum has more than 1,500 exhibits. The exhibition is divided into 3 parts: the amber forest, where the story of the formation of amber in the Baltic Sea is shown, the mine - showing ways of amber acquisition, and inclusions - dedicated to the flora and fauna sealed forever in the golden stone. In addition, You can get acquainted in the museum with scientific studies and curiosities concerning the 'Baltic gold'. There are also temporary exhibitions. In the museum shop, visitors can buy souvenirs including products from natural amber. The building has a very interesting body; thanks to the advanced overhang, the reversed building resembles a ship. The place refers to the popular former granary buildings in port towns. Visiting the museum is a great attraction for families with children, and groups. Tourists visiting the museum are also put in the mood through music and a play of light. Since its erection, the place has been very popular among tourists.

The museum is open all year round. The museum is open daily in the summer, but there is a change in opening hours, fixed annually, in the off-season; and information about opening hours is given on the website of the museum.

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