• Address: Promenada Gwiazd, 72-500 Międzyzdroje

The Avenue of Stars was created in 1996 during the first Festival of Stars in Międzyzdroje. The avenue is a series of stone slabs with handprints made by prominent figures of Polish culture. Currently, there are more than 100 slabs.

The Avenue of Stars was established in 1996, during the first Summer Holiday Festival of Stars. World-famous places dedicated to the stars of cinema - Hollywood Boulevard and Avenue of Stars in Cannes were the inspiration for its creation.

Since then, every year in July, during next editions of the festival, the most distinguished Polish actors and famous representatives of the world of culture leave their handprints on commemorative records. Currently, there are already well over 100 of them.

The unique atmosphere of this place is also created by monuments dedicated to outstanding figures of Polish cinema, including dead stars. Among the commemorations, there are: Gustaw Holoubek's bench, a monument to Juliusz Machulski as the cashier Kwinta, and a monument to Krzysztof Kolberger.

Near the Star Promenade, at Bohaterów Warszawy, there is the only wax museum in Poland, where, among others, you can see outstanding Polish actors in their most famous roles, for example Daniel Olbrychski as Kmicic or Bogusław Linda as Franz Maurer.


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