Amenities available

  • Building fully accessible for persons with disabilities
  • Service in German available
  • Payment with credit card / BLIK / mobile app, etc.

CFP additional services

  • Sales of basic bicycle components and repair kits, particularly inner tubes
  • Information on the local tourist offering, attractions, organized trips and cycling events
  • Information on other facilities with CFP recommendation
  • Maps, tourist guides to the area, informational materials


  • Cyclist-Friendly Place Cyclist-Friendly Place
  • Open seasonally: Obiekt całoroczny

Our store is located near the Odra Blue Velo north-south bicycle route - stage IV - V (Szczecin - Gryfino - Trzcińsko-Zdrój), connecting from the north with the route Around the Szczecin Lagoon (Blue Velo stage I - II - III), and from the south with the Western Lakes Route - stage I Siekierki - Myślibrzyska - Myślibrzyska.route around Szczecin Lagoon (Blue Velo stage I - II - III) from the north, and from the south with the Western Lakes Route - stage I Siekierki - Mysliborz.

The sports store sells, among other things, spare and repair parts for bicycles and other articles useful to bicycle tourists, such as panniers and panniers, bidons, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc., as well as sports clothing and footwear. You can get your tires inflated, get bicycle maps, and get information on events, tourist attractions and eating places. Due to the fact that the store operates a betting store, it is also open on Sundays.

Our facility is located 350 meters from the towering 13th-century church, right next to the Gryfino city stadium, the Sports and Recreation Center with accommodations, a caterer with home-cooked dinners, a chain of storesof grocery stores, not far from the Oder Wharf, the Laguna Aquatic Center, the Lower Oder Valley Landscape Park, the Gryfino - Mescherin border crossing, less than 6 kilometers from the famous Crooked Forest. There are also other local hiking and biking trails to nearby lakes and tourist attractions.

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Blue Velo

269 km
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