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  • Location:

    Entrance is on the platform 1 in the back of the railwaystation building, downstairs.

The deepest section of the Szczecin underground is located five stories below the ground level. The historic air raid shelter inside is one of the largest in Poland, with a capacity of 5 thousand people. Apart from the shelter, you can also see the exhibition on World War II, the Cold War, and the Polish People’s Republic period.

While visiting the railway station in Szczecin, tourist can explore the air-raid shelter from the time of the WWII. Its lowest part goes 5 floors underground. Visitors can pick one of the two sightseeing routes: the World War II-route (which gives insight into the situation during bomb attacks from the period between 1944 or 1945) and the Cold War-route  (it shows part of the shelter which after the WWII was transformed into a fallout shelter).

Ticket prices:

- normal ticket - 24 PLN

- reduced ticket - 19 PLN

- family ticket - 58 PLN (2 adults + 2 children)

People entitled to reduced tickets include: school children, students, pensioners, retired people, disabled people, children older than 6 years old.

Children under 5 are free of charge.

In case of bigger groups (above 14 people) a special transmitter can be rented, which helps reduce noise level or any possible disruptions.

No special reservations need to be made, regardless of the number of visitors.


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