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    In order to get to the old city slaughterhouse by public transport take tram no. 3 or 6, or bus no. 807, 61, 62, 75, 76, 81, 87, A, B, C, D, E or G. Get off at the Wyszyńskiego bus stop, go towards Oder and cross Długi Bridge. Pass the building of the Customs Office and go towards Zamkowa Track. Behind it there is the former slaughterhouse. 

The first references about the slaughterhouse reach back to the beginning of the 19th century, when the local guild received the right to build butcheries within the Fish Market and the New Market in the Old City. The first slaughterhouse was established by the river, next to the exit of Kłodna Street. The current Grodzka island was also taken, as cattle were kept there.

At the beginning of the 16th a decision to transfer the slaughterhouse to the Łasztownia island was made. However strong development of the facilities was related to the change of the city function. When in the 19th century they made a decision regarding the liquidation of the fort, the city started to develop dynamically. An increased number of residents also increased the demand for meat.

Approx. 1880 when the old slaughterhouse was not able to supply the city with meat, a decision was made to build a new complex. The choice of the location was not accidental – first of all a huge area to be managed (approx. 2.5 ha), second of all great communication with the city and third of all the right distance, which protected the residents from potential odours.

The authors of the design of the new slaughterhouse were Conrad Kruhl and Carl Schmidt. The facilities were completed in July 1899. The buildings were similar to the buildings serving the same function in Leipzig, Hanover and Chemnitz. Up until 1945 the slaughterhouse was communicated with the city by a tram line and by Kłodny Bridge which was destroyed (currently works are conducted to reconstruct it).

After the war up until 1947 the area of Łasztownia was managed by the Soviet army. Then in the 80’s of the 20th century the complex was used by Zakłady Mięsne (Meat Processing Plant). Later on it was taken over by PPU Port Rybacki Gryf. Today the buildings are used mostly as warehouses. Their condition is rather poor, however it needs to be underlined that it is one of few such complexes almost in the city centre.

For several years there have been attempts made to revive Łasztownia – a private company CSL renovated one of the buildings (a cowshed) and opened their offices there and a centre of culture. Other buildings are also being renovated, as they were acquired by private investors. The renovation works of the coast, construction of a bridge and modernization of roads leading to the complex are supposed to support the modernization and revival of Łasztownia.

The old slaughterhouse was included in the list of monuments of the province in December 1997.  

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