• Address: Jasne Błonia, 71-430 Szczecin


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    To get to Jasne Błonia, we can choose tram lines no. 1, 5, 11, or 12 - we have to get off at the "pl. Grunwaldzki ”and head towards the building of the City Hall. We have about 1 km to go.. We can also choose the bus no. 67 and get off at the "Jasne Błonia" stop, or the bus no. 70 and get off at the "City Hall" stop, then go towards the office building, behind the building there is the green area in question.

A sprawling green area, created in the 1920s and dedicated to Pope John Paul II in 1995. The square is flanked on both sides by London planetrees – 213 in total, making Jasne Błonia the largest cluster of this species in Poland.

The green square was established in the years 1925 - 1927 on the lands that belonged to the Quistorp family. In the middle there is a wide strip of lawn with flower arrangements in the central part, on both sides there are alleys planted with rows of London plane trees. Further on, Jasne Błonia flows smoothly into the Kasprowicz Park, and then into Las Arkoński.

In 1979, near Piotr Skarga Steet, the Monument to the Deed of Poles was built, which became the dominant feature of the square layout. The object shows three eagles taking flight and was designed by Gustaw Zemła. The monument was to present three generations of the inhabitants of Szczecin - the Polish community living in these lands before World War II, to the pioneers of the post-war city and the generation that expanded Szczecin. The building was to express gratitude to the city's society for its rebuilding. It should be remembered that the object was commissioned by the party.

Almost ten years later, in June 1987, Pope John Paul II celebrated a mass in Jasne Błonia - this event was commemorated in 1995 with the Pope's monument. The name of the square was also changed to Jasne Błonia im. John Paul II.

The building was entered on the provincial list of monuments in December 2004.


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