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    “M/s Chateaubriand” passenger ship cruises start in the harbour in the city centre (Wybrzeże Władysława IV [Władysław’s IV Coast]), next to Muzeum Rybołówstwa Morskiego in Świnoujście [the Museum of Saltwater Fishery].

The cruises on “m/s Chateaubriand” last 2 hours, they are 24 km long and are assisted by a guide. During the cruise, passengers will visit and see: the sea lane to Szczecin, harbour of the Navy, the Mielno Canal, Stara Świna, landscapes from the land of 44 islands, waterfowl reserve, historic sites from the WWII, the ferry slip, terminal, the “Remontowa” Shipyard, the lighthouse, Gerhard’s Fort and Fort Anioła [Angel’s Fort], the breakwater, "Stawa Młyny"[a navigation sign similar to a lighthouse], Basen Północny [Northern Pool], and the pilot’s station.

Ticket prices:

Normal ticket - 38 PLN
Reduced ticket (9-16 years old) - 19 PLN
Reduced ticket(under 9 years old) - 1 PLN
Group discounts

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