• Address: Batorego 4, 70-207 Szczecin


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    The Red Town Hall is located in Batory Square 4. To reach the facility, it is best to take public transport we get off at the "Tobrucki Square" stop, then head towards the "Tobruk" market, from which we will exit at Korzeniowski Street. We turn right and come to Batory Square, We can also get to "Brama Portowa" by trams no. 2, 3, 8 or by bus lines 807, A, B, C, D, G, then turn left into 3-go Maja Street, from which we turn into Dworcowa Street. From Dworcowa Street we go down to Korzeniowskiego Street, the building is less than 100 meters away.

The New Town Hall, also known as the Red Town Hall, was built in 1879. Its architectural style was strongly influenced by Gothic architecture. The Red Town Hall is currently the seat of various public institutions, including the Maritime Office.

The New Town Hall, also known as the Red Town Hall, was erected in the years 1875 - 1879 according to the design of Konrad Kruhl, a councilor from Szczecin. The object refers to the Gothic style. The building was erected on a slope, on a rectangular plan. At the corners and in the central part on the side of pl. Batory there are projections. On the eastern side there is a terrace and two-flight stairs - the whole was to emphasize the representative functions of the building.

The entrance from the west is decorated with an arcaded portico and sculptures on pillars that symbolize "Industry", "Agriculture", "Sailing" and "Knowledge". The property is also decorated with balconies and turrets. Inside the building there is a rib vault. In the building we can also find the coat of arms of Szczecin from 1660, which was moved to the Red Town Hall from the old one and embedded in the wall. The building was the seat of the city board until 1945. Today, the building of the Red Town Hall houses, among others Maritime Office, Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade, Maritime Council at the Provincial Court, Design Office of Maritime Construction, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

The town hall building was entered on the provincial list of monuments in June 1993.


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