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    The Jan Water Park is a part of the Jan Hotel compound in eastern Darłówko – a seaside neighbourhood of Darłowo, on the east bank of the Wieprza River, at 14 Północna Street. The water park is situated at a distance of around 300 m from the coast. When following road no. 203 from Postomino turn right just before you reach the cemetery and St. Gertrude Church at Jana Pawła II Avenue. The water park stands at the end of the road, at a distance of around 2.5 km from the crossroads. You can reach the park with your own car or by taking a bus from the town centre of Darłowo (Franciszkańska Street) to Darłówko Wschodnie [eastern Darłówko]. The park lies around 200 km to the north east of Szczecin. 


The Jan Water Park in Darłówko offers: swimming pools with seawater which has medicinal benefits, fun slides whose total length is 230 m, a 25 m x 12.5 m competition pool, a swimming pool with fast-flowing water, a hot tub and artificial geysers. There is also a swimming pool for kids. The majority of the attractions are situated indoors, but it is possible to swim out of the building. The total area of the surface of the water is 1500 m2. For an extra fee the visitors can benefit from wellness facilities and a bowling alley. The complex has a bar. The water park does not have a disabled-friendly infrastructure. 

The facility is open all year long. The park offers swimming lessons and operates in cooperation with neighbouring communes and schools whose students complete some of their physical education classes at the facility. 
The water park participates in the organization of holidays for children from orphanages, charitable foundations and sports clubs. Every year, a swimming competition for children is held at the park. The prize is the ‘Cup of the Owners of Jan Water Park and Jan Hotel’. 

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