• Address: Szkolna 1, 76-107 Jarosławiec
  • Phone: 606 144 727


  • Location:

    The lighthouse in Jarosławiec is located in the centre of the village, at Szkolnej Street. In front of it, there is a square with the Fisherman Monument and a fountain.


The lighthouse in Jarosławiec is 33.3 m tall, made of glazed brick, with decorative cornices separating successive storeys. The lighthouse is located relatively far from the shore - approx. 380 m. From its top, You can admire from its top a panorama of the Baltic Sea and the two seaside lakes: Wicko and Kopań. It was established as a precautionary measure to numerous collisions of ships, which occurred in the area especially at night. It was planned to build it since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

It was erected near the old lighthouse which turned out to be too low - light was hindered by the nearby spruces. Because the architects did not give permission for making the building higher, and the residents did not agree to cut down trees, they erected a brand new building. The old one, in turn, began to serve after the reconstruction as the seat of lighthouse keepers. The new lighthouse began operating in 1838, and the first source of light was rapeseed oil lamps. Its light could be seen from a distance of 16 sea miles. Next, acetylene began to be used as fuel. Only in 1908 was the building equipped with electric lights and a foghorn. The lighthouse was severely damaged during the Second World War. It resumed its activity in 1946. In the 1970s, some mechanisms were upgraded - the apparatus installed then has been used to this day.

Since 1993, the lighthouse has been listed in the register of monuments. It is open to visitors throughout the whole year. To get to the observation deck, You have to climb up 122 steps.


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