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    The Old Town is located in the centre of Darłowo, between: M.Curie – Skłodowska Street, o. D. Tynieckiego Street, Wałowa Street and the Wieprza River.

The Old Town in Darłowo is a very picturesque and interesting place due to its well-preserved medieval layout, its numerous historic places, but also due to the fact that it almost did not suffer from war damage. The Old Town was founded on area which with its shape reminded a square. It gained its regular shape during the second location of Darłowo, in 1312. The former plan of the town displayed some irregularities in its south-eastern part, where the castle was situated. The castle is located on Młyńska Island. In the past, the castle was separated from the town by moats, nowadays, however, they are filled in.

A market is the central part of the Old Town, where the former town hall used to be situated. After a fire of the medieval town hall, a new town hall was erected closer to the St. Mary’s Church – this time it has been preserved to the present day. The streets cross at right angle, creating regular quarters of the town. Unfortunately, the town walls have not been preserved. This has resulted in gradual blurring of the borderline between the Old Town and the suburbs. The High Gate facing the north, is one of the few remaining parts of the town’s fortification system. The biggest attraction within the Old Town is the Castle.  

The list of buildings on the territory of the Old Town, which had entered the register of objects of cultural heritage includes: the castle, the town hall, the High Gate, Black Madonna of Chęstochowa Church, Saint George Chapel, Saint Gertrude Church, tenements on Powstańców Warszawskich [Insurgents of the Warszawa Uprising] Street (No. 49, 51, 56), M. Curie-Skłodowska Street (No. 23) at T. Kościuszko Square (No. 17) and the watermill on Kanałowa Street.

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