• Address: Dworcowa, 72-020 Trzebież

The red brick water tower, along with other railway buildings, dates back to 1910 when the railway from Szczecin was extended to Trzebież. However, it is currently closed to visitors.

The water supply water tower in the complex of railway buildings in Trzebież is located next to the railway crossing, behind the entrance to the town, approx. 13.5 km north of Police and approx. 40.5 km north of the center of Szczecin. To get there, turn into the first street on the left - Dworcowa street behind the railway crossing and drive along the tracks until a brick building with the inscription "Trzebież Szczeciński" appears on the left side. The tower is visible on the other side of the tracks.

The complex of railway buildings in Trzebież, i.e. the station building, locomotive depot, residential building and the water supply tower, was built in the years 1909-1910 as part of the extension of the Szczecin Główny-Jasienica railway line to Trzebież  The above-mentioned buildings were built of brick in the style appropriate for the earlier, 19th century. eternal industrial architecture, with a specific purpose for them. The water supply tower, built of red brick, and plastered in the upper part, stands in the vicinity of a historic building that used to be a night shelter for railwaymen. Despite its fairly good outward appearance, being in its vicinity can be dangerous. The tower is covered with a roof with an "antenna" on top.


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