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    The 6D Museum is located on 15 Rodziewiczówny Street in Kołobrzeg (Promenade near Ośrodek Kielczanka [Kielczanka Resort] - Albax). The car park is situated at the junction of Zdrojowa Street and Reymonta Street (around 100 m from the museum).

Maszoperia – the 6D Museum is a place which captures all senses of the visitors. There are 500 m2 of 3D paintings which are background for the everyday objects used in the past by the Maszoperia society. During the visit, guests can feel the smell of sea breeze, and aroma of apples in the fisherman’s house. They can also hear seagulls and the sound of sea waves. Sensual experiences supplement the fisherman’s stories, the legend about a magic net and the witch. All object gathered in the museum can be not only looked at, but also touched.


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