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    The Spa Park is located on the eastern shore of the island of Usedom. It stretches between the following streets: Sikorskiego, Krzywoustego, Sienkiewicza, Kapitańska, Jachtowa and Mieszka I.

Dating back to the late 18 th century, the 40-hectare park is located adjacent to the seaside promenade.

The Spa Park in Świnoujście is a historic landscape park with an area of 40 to 58 ha, according to various sources.

It was established at the end of the 18th century, and was enlarged in the 19th century and is closely related to the beginnings of the city.

The park is a former shoal with single pines and other trees. In the 18th century, during the regulation of Świna, the area was partially drained and various types of trees were planted on it, including pine, alder and rowan, which can be considered the beginning of the construction of the entire park.

At the end of the century, a specific area was already designated as a park. It was a square with a large square in the center, which included all the previous alleys. At the beginning of the 19th century, this area was enlarged by moving the boundaries of the park to the north and west. Then, further modernization activities were discontinued and resumed only in 1823. It happened thanks to the construction and opening of a spa house, which was decided on during the first season at the seaside resort in Świnoujście. The leader of these actions was the mayor of Pomerania himself - Johan August von Sack. It was thanks to him that Peter Joseph Lenne himself, one of the most famous garden architects in Prussia, took care of the design of the entire park. In the central point, he placed a spa house, from which all the park's alleys departed. Lenne himself imported more than 1,500 seedlings of trees and shrubs from Germany, which were planted successively along the winding paths.

The park was changing due to the development of the city and the construction of new districts. The so-called seaside district.

As the city plans from 1912 show, the park housed not only groups of beautiful trees intersected with alleys, but also a small infrastructure - kiosks, urinals or ponds with benches next to them. There was a restaurant and guesthouses nearby, and patients could freely use the fountain with spring water.

Currently, the park is dominated by old trees, estimated to be 150 years old. The vegetation of the park is a mosaic of popular and native species, along with quite exotic trees and shrubs, planted during the first construction works. There are over 60 species of trees and shrubs. The common trees here are oaks, beeches, ash trees, chestnut trees and maples. On the other hand, the less popular species in the park are: weeping beeches, Crimean linden or Caucasian wing. During the last inventory of the park, over 100 specimens of trees with monumental dimensions were recorded.

There is a PSS Społem warehouse located in the park, which is an unusual facility in the park. In addition, there are stone sculptures located between the alleys throughout the area, e.g. the famous Telesfor and bird drinkers.

Numerous and neat geometric alleys with benches run through the entire park. The area is diversified with flower beds of various shapes and sizes. The famous seaside promenade stretches along the park. The combination of a walk through the park and the promenade will allow you to get to know the charming place well.

In addition, numerous tourist routes pass through the park, such as the red Seaside Trail or the Blue Bicycle Trail around the Baltic Sea. The park also allows tourists to get to know it in all its glory through the recreational and educational path "Discover the Spa Park like you have never known". The path runs through the entire park area and is adapted for everyone (attractions for adults and children, accessible for the disabled). It starts at the playground and ends at the western breakwater.

The park is also equipped with attractions for active sports people. At the intersection of Chrobry and Sienkiewicza, an outdoor gym, football, volleyball, basketball and badminton courts are available.

It should be mentioned that renovation and conservation works are constantly being carried out in the park, as the Spa Park has been recognized as a monument of the voivodeship.


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