The house is a late Gothic, fifteenth-century residential tenement building initially built for storage purposes. The elevation, divided by ledges, has characteristics of Renaissance architecture. The top took the shape of stairs with arch-shaped windows. The first storey was intended for flats. The building was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. The only fragments left included the cellar and a small part of the enclosing walls, without the façade. In 1969-1973 the building was reconstructed and handed over to a library. 


The owner to which the building owes its name was a postal worker, Rohleder, who lived in the house in the nineteenth century. The name of his successor, Kletzin, who succeeded Rohleder in 1922, is also used when referring to the building.


Currently, the building serves as a seat of the library of Stargard offering lending services and a reading room. The building may be accessed during the opening time of the institution.


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